Analysis & Marketing

Our experts carry out the analysis and marketing of commodity market, services, a marketing survey, preliminary investment researches, develop concepts of creation of new innovative projects, count the assumed or planned profitability, other indicators of the created business or the project.
We use the conventional techniques of an assessment of investment projects, costs of assets, carry out preliminary preparation for sales, merges and absorption.

We support the companies interested to work at the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS countries.

Project & Trade Finance

Vast experience of cooperation with customers and contractors, sellers and buyers all over the world and local expertise in the CEE & CIS regions allows us to offer a full range of analytical, marketing and business support of the projects. Understanding of the principles and approaches of international finance schemes and instruments enables us to find the optimal solutions and take into consideration the interests of each of the parties of any degree of complexity.

We provide support to international and national financial institutions, export-credit agencies (ECAs), investment funds as well as large producers and distributors (importers) of equipment, component parts, semi-finished products, feed stock or finished products in finance & trade transactions at an international level. In our work, we are often involved in our clients’ projects in different industries, such as the hospitality industry, fuel and energy, agriculture, food industry and retail.

Private Placement Program

We connected to several licensed professional entities that are specialized in offering international securities’ brokerage, asset management services under divers’ field products and quality services in serving sophisticated and professional investors globally.

Capital markets are markets for buying and selling equity and debt instruments. Many of our partners consider us a trusted and reliable counterpart, providing advice and designing solutions that suit their distinctive needs. Our advisers, many of whom have spent decades in the financial industry, help issuers and investors establish lasting, meaningful dialogues with the broadest possible array of investors.

Hospitality Industry

Our investment consulting services include investment strategy and policy development, market research and preparation of the optimum offer, performance management.

We support the full cycle of hospitality facilities’ creation from formation of ideas and concepts, business planning and design, construction to putting them into operation.

Integrated Management System. An integrated management system (IMS) which combines related IT components of a business support into one system for easier management and operations is very urgent in the hospitality industrys. As a part of gaining ISO certification it is important to have a good quality management system that not only meets the standards, but it will also improve business processes. The hospitality industry & IMS are in the center of our attention. We develop, implement and support IMS for hotels based on modern technologies & IT-solution.

Commodity trading

The quality of the product, date of delivery, transportation and settlement methods is the question number one for the seller and buyer. We can assist to organize trade, logistics and settlement, including trade financing of the countries of CEE & CIS countries with other regions of the world.

OMNA is supported by internationally acclaimed top professional teams that are leaders in their fields.

We are committed to deliver the highest financial standard to our client, partners as well as professionals from different parts of the world, accumulating successful business experiences.

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