Collaborative partnership

We seek to mobilize the resources from collaborative partners and investing them in infrastructure, construction, acquiring, hospitality industry, energy saving program and some others focusing on the collaborative partnership with experienced players and high return projects.

Collaborative partnership is one of the key elements of our strategy. When partners work together in a joint intellectual efforts that puts common interests, assets and professional skills in order to promote broader goals and outcomes for the entire group’s benefit.

OMNA is an active collaborative partner mandated/facilitator for some international groups to realize the different investment and trade projects.
We have established a collaborative partnership with reputable finance companies and owners of financial securities, allowing us to fund our projects.

OMNA provides analytical, marketing and business support for clients implementing investment projects via structured financial transactions under the protective umbrella of optimal risk levels.

With proven access to global capital markets OMNA brings to the table an extensive list of global banking, finance, and investment clientele and is an active collaborative partner and approved mandate/facilitator for reputable partners.

Analysis & Marketing

Project & Trade Finance

Private Placement Program

Hospitality Industry

Commodity Trading


Internationality is an internationally open-minded company that offers services with the involvement of specialists from different countries Interaction with and between our employees & partners are characterized by a harmonious atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect.

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