• Marketing and operational business support
  • Project and trade finance
  • Hospitality industry
  • Our main reference points

Common Information

OMNA is a specialist company focusing on investment projects, IT implementation, international trade and private placement programmes.

We have qualified business partners in the above-mentioned areas who have extensive experience.

We provide detailed market research and prepare recommendations for investors, developers and suppliers before they decide to enter the market in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

We are a marketing organisation for private placement and securities trading programmes. We offer investors secured off-market private placement programmes with guaranteed high yields.

We support investors, suppliers and contractors involved in projects in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States to develop optimal financing schemes with minimal risk.

We also take part in our partners' projects in various industries. First of all, this includes wholesale of basic goods, alternative energy sources and energy-saving technologies, web technologies, as well as the creation of commercial online platforms for trading goods and services.

We have extensive experience in the following business areas and act not only as experts, but also as executors in these areas. We cooperate and maintain business relations with companies from different regions of the world, which are interested in implementing projects in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Marketing and operational business support

Our experts conduct analyses and marketing of the product market, services, marketing surveys, preliminary investment studies, they also develop concepts for creating new innovative projects, calculate the expected or planned profitability and other indicators of the business or project to be created.

We use traditional methods of evaluation of investment projects, asset value, and conduct preliminary preparation for sales, mergers and acquisitions of business entities.

Project and trade finance

Our extensive experience of working with customers and contractors, sellers and buyers enables us to offer a wide range of analytical, marketing and business intelligence in project and trade finance.

Understanding the principles and approaches of international financial schemes and instruments allows finding optimal solutions and taking into account the interests of each party of any degree of complexity.

We support the organisation of trade finance for manufacturers and distributors of equipment, components, semi-finished, raw materials or finished products.

Hospitality industry

Our investment advisory services include investment strategy and policy development, market research and preparation of an optimal proposal coupled with project performance management.

We support the entire cycle of creating hotel facilities - from the formation of ideas and concepts, business planning and design, including construction, to commissioning.

We support the creation of an Integrated Management System (IMS) for a hotel that combines the IT components of business support into one system to simplify management, which is highly relevant in the hospitality industry. As part of achieving ISO certification, it is important to have a good IMS that not only meets standards but also optimises business processes. We develop, implement and support IMS for hotels based on modern technology and IT solutions.

Our main reference points

Objectives: Expansion of regional business and development of a strong base of significant clients.

Vision: Providing quality service that exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.

Mission: Forming long-term relationships with our customers and partners, providing exceptional customer service through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Core Values: We build our business on treating our customers with respect. We grow through the use of innovative technology, creativity and invention. We integrate business ethics, integrity and honesty into all aspects of our business.