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Web-technologies and E-commerce

Web technologies

Our services for the development and implementation of web-based solutions that include the creation of digital services for business. Our approach to solving the customer's task can be presented in the form of the following stages:

  • Formalisation of the customer's idea and conceptual design;
  • Development of terms of reference;
  • Creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and testing the idea;
  • Development, testing, implementation, scaling;
  • Training, warranty service;
  • "Packaging" a product into an app and helping businesses make money from it.

MVP is an unfinished product, but it can already fulfil basic functions and can be presented to the customer. The main idea of an MVP is to create a prototype that embodies the customer's ideas and then make adjustments and modifications to it.


We create both simple online shops and marketplaces for trading goods and services. We develop marketplace logic and scalable architecture. Marketplace is not just a website, but a complex backend, a system with numerous integrations and developed logic.

We help the customer to build an interaction between partners and customers who will be able to make decisions about the future of their marketplace. Marketplace is a single online platform for trading goods and services of various suppliers registered in the system. The main task of the online marketplace is to unite suppliers with counterparties (customers, dealers, distributors) in a single trading space.

Neobank's solutions

We implement digital retail banking solutions, integrated payment solutions of Neobank. We integrate electronic trading platforms with payment services.

NEOBANK is a FinTech company providing a wide range of financial services such as money transfers, lending, mobile financial solutions and many others. NEOBANK targets modern tech-savvy users who prefer to do most of their money management while remaining mobile, through a mobile app or other digital devices.